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    Holiday Travel Tips for You and Your Home

    The holidays are fast approaching. Can’t you almost smell the fresh baked cookies and pies? While you work on finishing/starting your holiday shopping and dream of that snowy evening with friends and family, this is a good time to also consider your travel plans. Both you and your home need a little extra care during the busy holiday travel season. By planning ahead and taking a little extra thought, you can make your holiday travel smooth and easy and come home to a house that’s safe and sound.

    Here are a few of our favorite tips for both you and your home:

    Tips for You

    First and foremost, have fun on your holiday trip. Plan for success in advance by following these simple tips.

    • Be Patient
      Don’t sweat the stuff you can’t control. Miss your plane, there will be another one. Everyone is trying to get somewhere and it can be stressful, find a pumpkin-spiced anything and try to relax.
    • Wake Up Early
      Starting your day early helps you not only make all your plane and train schedules, but gives you a little extra time to either enjoy your family or time alone before they wake up.
    • Bring Some Cash
      When the unexpected does happen, having a little extra cash can come in handy.
    • Get Local
      Something as simple as a walk around town can be a great way to explore a new place. Try out a local coffee shop or spend time reading your favorite book with a view. Always eat local delicacies where available.
    • Pack in Layers
      Even with the great weather apps available today, expect the unexpected. Packing mix-and-match layers can help you not only stay comfortable in any weather but it won’t crowd that carry-on suitcase.
    • Take Lots of Pictures
      Remember all the fun moments with pictures. Snap a quick shot of everything you want to share once you’re home, doesn’t have to be the best photography in the world, but if it means something to you, take the picture.

    Tips for Your Home

    Leaving your home for the holidays also requires a little thought and planning. Protect your home and ensure you’ll want to be home by following these simple tips.

    • Keep Your Home Looking Occupied
      Even though you’re lying on a beach in Hawaii (nothing says holidays like a beach), your home shouldn’t look vacant. Put commonly used lights on timers which mimic your common use when at home.
    • Protect your Pipes
      Even for a short trip, remember to winterize your home. No one wants to come home to burst pipes.
    • Protect Against Theft and Fire
      Home security systems now come in a box. For a fraction of the cost and hassle of traditional alarm company systems, you can run out to a big box store and install a wireless system the afternoon before your trip. Professional monitoring is relatively inexpensive as well.
    • Leave a Key with a Neighbor
      Emergencies happen, have a contingency plan and neighbors with the ability to get in and help.
    • Clean before you Leave
      Coming home to a home that’s neat and clean will feel so good.

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